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ERGO Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited

ERGO Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited has official launched in Thailand on 7 June 2023. 

ERGO Insurance (Thailand) is the leading cooperation partner of Munich Re, the Zurich Insurance’s international business, covering the insurance demands of a number of internationally renowned corporations in Thailand.

With the strategic ambition to grow ERGO Group’s footprint in the Thai Non-Life insurance market. The acquisition of ThaiSri and Nam Seng Insurance is the important milestone for ERGO Insurance (Thailand) to achieve a position in the top 10 of the market, opening new distribution opportunities and product segments.

The acquisition of ThaiSri Insurance share in 2016, ERGO had increased the shareholding accordingly, making ThaiSri ERGO a fully- controlled and consolidated international subsidiary as of December 2022. ThaiSri ERGO is a property and casualty insurer with focus on motor business and has a strong focus on distribution via agents and brokers, providing a nationwide branch network to service the local clients. The expansion of existing distribution capabilities and exploration of new channels and product segments are key drivers to grow the company’s footprint in Thailand.

With the on-boarding of more than 2,500 new agents in 2022, ThaiSri ERGO has opened 9 new branches nationwide and continue on this route in 2023.
ThaiSri ERGO is ambitious to pursue its strategic expansion in Thailand, both organically and inorganically, leveraging ERGO Group’s technical excellence, know-how and technology to better serve its customers locally.

On top of the organic growth ambitions, ThaiSri ERGO has acquired Nam Seng Insurance in January 2023. The acquisition of Nam Seng is an important milestone for ThaiSri to achieve a leading market position in Thailand. With the additional capabilities and increased scale, the combined entity will create further long-term value for Customers, Sales Partners and Shareholders alike. Given ThaiSri’s and NSI’s highly complementary product portfolios as well as significant potential in terms of cross-selling, this has expanded its footprint and enhance its competitive position in the Thai market.

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